Automotive Applications

Plastic pipes for the automotive industry


We develop and manufacture components for the automotive industry that are specifically adapted to your requirements. As a competent manufacturer and development partner we assist you from the initial idea to the finished assembled component. The issues cost & weight optimization, optimum use of available space, chemical resistance, flexibility regarding implementation, as well as compliance with legal provisions are of particular importance to us.

Thanks to our extensive and in-depth technical knowledge when it comes to extrusion, as well as processing of high-tech plastics, we develop and manufacture in close cooperation with our customers.

Employing the latest extrusion technology, we produce smooth and corrugated pipes in all diameters and lengths. In addition to this, the manufactured products can be permanently formed on customer request using XYZ coordinates to make optimum use of the available space and have possibilities for adaptation when assembling.

From the manual assembly of small series, to semi-automatic systems and through to fully automated handlings, the pipes produced and formed in-house are complete modules with quick connectors, various abrasion and heat protection hoses, check valves as well as other types of accessories. In a final step all modules are submitted to a 100% test, depending on the requirements, with regard to dimensional accuracy and tightness.


We stand for highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Using advanced test equipment, such as the 3D CNC measuring machines, ultrasonic devices to test wall thicknesses and diameters, as well as high-voltage breakdown testing systems, we are in a position to constantly monitor the zerofailure principle, to ensure a transparent quality test and inspection, and to guarantee the high quality of our products.