MAINPRESS pressing system

No stress with press

The MAINPRESS pressing system is ideal for the rapid and secure installation of multi-layer composite pipes. The MAINPRESS system creates a permanent, consistently leak-proof and DVGW-tested connection for use in heating and sanitary applications. Controlled leakage as safety feature to secure detection of not correct pressed fi ttings. The fixed press sleeve has small holes at the end as an observation window, which serves the visual control of the correct stop collar.

The MAINPRESS pressing system sets the standard of processing and use in the field of heating and sanitation. It is ideally suited for a quick and safe assembly because it is easy to bend and yet retains its shape.

The MAINPRESS pressing system with Mainpipe multi-layer composite pipe PE-RT/AL/PE-RT (DVGW DW-BU0016) is compatible with:

  • UPONOR-UNIPIPE MLC composite pipes and MLC press fittings
  • WAVIN composite pipes and K1 press fittings
  • MULTITUBO composite pipes and MT press fittings
  • KEKELIT-KELOX composite pipe and KW/KM press fittings
  • Jupiter-Perfekt Aqua composite pipes and MP/KF press fittings
  • the customary pressing tools with pressing profile U (KSP5)



Further information
  • Step 1: Mainpress composite pipe (diameter 16-25 mm) cross cut at right angles with shears or pipe cutters (from 32 mm diameter)! It is to be ensured that this results in a “straight cut”.
  • Step 2: Pipe is then deburred with an MP deburrer until the bevel is visible all round. The bevel is required so that the two connector O rings are not damaged when the pipe and the fitting are joined. It is essential that the bevel be checked before the fitting is inserted.
  • Step 3: Plug the fitting into the Mainpress composite pipe up to the stop collar. The correct plug-in depth can be checked via the observation window.
  • Step 4: Attach the pressing jaws to the sleeve between the stop collars. Then initiate the pressing process with the UAP 2 pressing machine (U contour jaws).