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We offer overhaul, repair and modifications of the customers' own machines according to customer specification including the full service of machine manufacturers.

Replacement parts (regardless of manufacturer)

MAINCOR MACHINE CONSTRUCTION can deliver or manufacture replacement parts for machines (regardless of the design) which you already use in production (e.g. mold blocks, nozzle sets, spray heads etc. up to NW 1000). We have achieved a high performance standard in this field with experience and lots of satisfied customers. Our extensive, highly modern machinery guarantees the problem-free implementation of all individual requirements. We are therefore in a position to make the machines ready for your ongoing quickly and cost effectively.


MAINCOR MACHINE CONSTRUCTION produces and delivers the following tools (for machines regardless of their design) for plastic pipe productions:
  • Adapters for extruders
  • Spray heads
  • Nozzle sets
  • Mold blocks
  • Retrofitting sets for cooling spray baths and saws
  • Injection molding tools
We manufacture these tools in a demand-oriented way and in compliance with the respective, individual, customer-specific requirements.


For several years MAINCOR MACHINE CONSTRUCTION has been a competent and reliable partner for all jobs and services relating to extrusion technology in the field of plastic pipes:
  • All-inclusive solutions / turn-key projects: The planning and execution know-how from MAINCOR MACHINE CONSTRUCTION ranges from individual machines to turn-key production plants, including their complete infrastructure
  • Training courses (can also be held at the customer's site)
  • overhaul, repair and modification of customers' own machines as well
  • Programming and adaptation of used machines to work with existing or new customer production components
  • Everything from a single source: From consultancy and planning to development and project management to quality assurance and process optimization
As part of the MAINCOR Consortium, MAINCOR MACHINE CONSTRUCTION provides for the customer as a partner not only with machine technology but also with competent production know-how from its many years of experience in modern pipe production.