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PE-Xa production-lines

The PE-Xa process from MAINCOR is based on double screw extrusion and short-wave infrared heating. The pipe production is done in compliance with the relevant PE-X standards including ISO 15875, ASTM F876, DIN 16892.

PE-Xa   from 12 mm to 32 mm

Cross-linking process for PE-Xa pipe production

During the PE-Xa extrusion process the PE-Xa pipe is fully cross-linked using inline infrared radiation. As this process takes place before the pipe is put into the vacuum tank subsequent post production is not required. When the IR unit passes through during the production process the peroxide disintegrates into reaction friendly groups which separate the hydrogen atoms from the polyethylene molecule chains. The polyethylene molecule chains interlink to the redundant bonding sites. The residence time in the IR oven, the radiation intensity of the IR emitter as well as the flow speed of the pipe are significant influencing variables here. Thanks to the integration of an air cooling system, which adapts itself to the existing production speed, the pipe is protected from overheating during the cross-linking process.

technical details

  • Cross-linking during the extrusion process, initiated by infrared radiation, no post production required
  • High production speed of up to 25 m/min depending on the pipe sizes
  • Extremely low melting temperature
  • Optimized screws
  • Higher and more stable production
  • Fast and accurate screw extrusion
  • Optimized pipe head geometry
  • Extruder size in accordance with production performance
  • Optimized wavelengths / optimized performance
  • Effective mixing
  • Cross-linking degree over 70%
Cross-linking degree over 70%
Cross-linking degree over 70%

Advantages of peroxide cross-linked PE pipes:

  • high flexibility
  • High resistance against low and high temperatures
  • High scratch and notch resistance
  • High resistance against mechanical and thermal strains as well as chemicals

Area of application

Heating and sanitation
Heating and sanitation
Industrial applications
Industrial applications
  • white goods
  • geothermal energy
  • District heating pipes
  • Drinking water pipes
  • Sanitation pipes
  • air conditioning technology
  • Heating pipes
  • Gas supply pipes