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MAINPEX, a subsidiary of MAINCOR AG, never leaves its customers alone with the products we sell them. Upon request we support the plumber, even in the quotation phase, with planning optimization of the complete project with technical assistance, an exact schedule of materials and precise calculation. Our contact persons are technically competent and will be happy to advise you.
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MAINPEX sliding sleeve system

MAINPEX sliding sleeve system

Dim. 16 mm - 50 mm

More safety, more comfort

The MAINPEX sliding sleeve compound is an insoluble, permanently impermeable and DVGW tested compound which means that no additional seals or sealants are required between the pipe and the fitting. Thanks to the widening technology, the pressure loss and the flow rate in the modled components remain very low. The MAINPEX sliding sleeve system is based on the multilayer composite pipe produced by MAINCOR. The sliding sleeve technology provides an uncomplicated, simple and safe processing thanks to its double profile and recess. The sanitation system is rounded off by a wide range of ancillary components designed to make the work easier.
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Advantages of the system

  • 100% oxygen-tight multilayer composite pipe
  • Pipe which retains its shape, which therefore exhibits no return forces, and which is flexible nonetheless
  • Conservation of molded components thanks to it being easy to bend by hand
  • Linear thermal expansion, like with metal pipes
  • Shorter assembly time thanks to the simple connection technique
  • Already pressed fittings can be used again, by heating them and dissolving the sleeves
  • Extra protection from corrosion thanks to the fittings having tin plated surfaces
  • Stress corrosion cracking is avoided by the extra after glow of the fittings

1)  double profile

2)  Profile

3)  Undercut

4)  Fixing the sleeve

5)  More flow

6)  Sleeve can be used on both sides

More safety, more comfort